Dr Robert Glover in Amsterdam

“Boldness in the era of #MeToo" 


July 17th 2018  

An Evening with Dr Robert Glover

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we can announce that Dr Robert Glover is coming to The Netherlands. The author of the well-known and much appreciated book No More Mr Nice Guy will visit Amsterdam in July 2018. We take this opportunity to organise an evening where Dr Glover gives his view on the role we as men have in this age of identity politics. How to embrace your masculinity without fear or shame and how to fully embrace your dark side without crossing boundaries? This will be a men-only event and the title of his talk will be “Boldness in the era of #MeToo".

"Relating to the opposite sex has never been easy – especially when it comes to courtship and sexual intimacy – and it is has just gotten exponentially more difficult.
Toxic Masculinity is the buzzword.
Men have lost their jobs and been publicly shamed. Due process and the assumption of innocence have been thrown out the window.
It seems as if every action a man takes – even the most innocent and innocuous – is now open to a revisionist history with no defense or recourse. Men are not sure how they should proceed with women. How they should approach, if at all. They are uncertain how to express their sexual interest without being invasive. An understandable reaction for many men is to withdraw and play it safe.
In the dating world, men have become tentative. They are frightened to make a bold move or assume anything – even if a woman seems receptive. In spite the current state of fear and uncertainty, the #MeToo movement offers an amazing opportunity. A door has been opened for an empowered and transformative sexual interaction between men and women. A chance for a new sexual dynamic that empowers both genders and allows men and women to experience the profound intimacy, connection, and bliss of enlightened sexuality. This is where Positive Emotional Tension (PET) comes in.
This mini-workshop will give an overview of the principles and application of PET. It will be directed at men and dedicated to women. Men will get an introduction as to how to authentically and naturally attract women without gimmicks, games, seduction, pickup, or flashing their wiener at inappropriate times. They will learn how to turn a woman on and penetrate her into the depths of feminine bliss – and keep her coming back for more. When men practice the principles of positive emotional tension, women feel safe while responding to their deepest longings for love, connection, and balls to the wall amazing sex."

Dr Glover will also address his new book and there will be time for your questions.
The evening will be closed in style with some fresh beers and sodas. 

Doors are open at 19:30. 
The official program starts at 20:00 and ends at 22:30.
The bar will be open until 23:30. 

This event is a men-only event. 


Entree-fee includes one consumption.

"Teatro Munganga" 
Schinkelhavenstraat 27 hs
1075 VP Amsterdam