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Every man recognises both the joys and the challenges that life has to offer.  At times it might feel as a constant challenge of keeping yourself in a healthy relationship with all that is around you. Work, relationship, children and social life require your attention and sometimes this goes at the expense of your self. Sometimes you find yourself in dilemma between the things you actually want and the things you think you must. How often have you said “I am allright“ while you’re actually angry or dissatisfied on the inside? Maybe you've put yourself up with an ideal picture of "how it should be" and you see yourself making compromises to simply avoid a possible argument with your wife. In the short term these seemingly innocent actions can work, but in the long term they will drain you leaving you angry or in pain. Relating to the world is an ongoing search for the right balance between taking care of your own needs and being at service to the world. Sometimes that balance is disturbed for a while. It gets annoying when the balance is disturbed for a longer period of time resulting in a blockage of your strength, your happiness and your authenticity. 

Dealing with pain, anger, fear or sadness requires a certain amount of courage. It is a human tendency to avoid these emotions. Your life becomes a lot lighter and more enjoyable when you are able to deal with these emotions or challenges in the right way. A 1-on-1 coaching trajectory provides support in this process and helps you to become more skilled and resilient to the challenges that life offers you. This makes you more authentic and powerful.

As a certified ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) and No More More Mr. Nice Guy coach I have extensive experience in coaching men who recognize themselves (whole or partly) in the Nice Guy syndrome or who have experienced struggles otherwise related to their masculinity. It is my goal to support you in your process and to make sure that you can go on by yourself again. 

For whom?

With my 1-on-1 coaching I can be meaningful to you in case you, for example

  • are too much in the role of the pleaser. 
  • have difficulties determining what your needs are.
  • don't have a connection with your life purpose. 
  • have a lack of focus. 
  • you often pretend to be better than you really are. 
  • actually feel depressed or alone. 
  • are lost in your relationship. 
  • worry a lot. 
  • have a negative self-image. 
  • feel uncomfortable with groups (of men).

How does the coaching work?

Many of the problems mentioned are a result of deeply rooted patterns. For example, you have taught yourself to avoid conflict at all times or to have no needs, because as a child you were praised by your parents for these traits. As a child, we teach ourselves all kinds of patterns to secure the approval and love of our parents. These old patterns have served us as a child, but are often the cause of the problems in your adult life. The approach of the sessions is to create awareness on your patterns. You will gain insight in the origins of your patterns and you will see how they no longer serve you. By learning to look at yourself from a distance there is room to see yourself even better and especially to accept yourself (including your Nice Guy patterns).The starting point of the coaching sessions is that pain, sadness, anger and fear will always be there. The focus is on the relationship you have with those emotions and how you can improve this relation. The focus is not so much on the content of the story. When the patterns are clear and accepted it becomes possible to do things differently to get closer to your authentic self. Together we look at your values and your needs. These values and needs often lead to goals that can get you moving again so that you can live your true potential.

If you are interested in a coaching program with me, you can contact me by e-mail ( or call me on 0643082172. I invite you for a free intake session of about half an hour (usually online via Skype or Zoom). During this meeting we determine what you want to work on and whether there is mutual interest to work with each other. It is also possible that I will refer you to someone else on the basis of the intake interview.

Locatie Harderwijk
For "real life" sessions you are welcome in Green Offices, Goede Reede 1 in Harderwijk. 

Receive your coaching comfortably in your own chair. Online sessions are possible and are becoming more and more popular. For online sessions I am flexible in terms of availability. Call or mail me for the possibilities. For online coaching sessions I use the Zoom software. 


Pricing information

  Hourly rate
Hourly rate
Bundle(6 hours)
Bundle(6 hours)
Real Life 115 140 620 755
Online 105 130 565 700

All prices are in euros and including VAT. 

If your financial possibilities are not sufficient, we can always work together to see if we can find a suitable solution.

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 "I can only give Hajee my highest recommendations as a personal growth coach. The sessions gave me insight to myself and the conditioning driving my actions. I am able to consciously decide how I wish to act going forward. 

I appreciated that Hajee asked questions to allow me to see myself. He accompanied me on my journey to explore myself rather than telling me what/where to explore. He also used his personal experience to show vulnerability and that we are all imperfect and it’s ok. Makes facing the challenges easier to know we are not alone. 

Usually coaches want to show their superiority and I really felt Hajee supporting me and on the journey with me. Very powerful masculine presence and brotherhood. 

If you want to work on your masculine presence to show up more grounded and in your power I can only recommend taking some sessions with Hajee."

Michael Sierra, Boston, USA

"A Powerful Session is what you can expect with this man. It is to the point, no bullshit, and mostly a 100% designed to give you what you need. 

You will be held by someone who is not afraid to dive deep into unexplored territories with you. A mix of gentle and fierce compassion, humour and piercing insight invite you to expose that what needs to be brought forth. 

A purging experience to say the least; you will uncover exactly enough that needs digesting and assimilating for some time to come. This is welcomely accompanied by an imprint of genuine inclusion and deep understanding of where you're at.

Joost Lekkerkerker, Upper Moutere, New Zealand

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