Facilitator Training

to grow as a man is to lean into your edge

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to grow as a man is to lean into your edge

 Do you feel

it is time to start giving your gift to the world? But...

  • speaking in front of a group still causes you to be anxious?
  • you find yourself playing a role in front of a group?
  • you still lack the tools and experience to be a solid facilitator?
  • you feel hesitant showing your vulnerability when leading?

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Do you want to...

  • Be an inspiring leader?
  • Tap into your next layer of potential?
  • Step into authentic presentation and facilitation?
  • Feel more prepared for facing challenges?
  • Be fully relaxed in front of a group?
  • Be able to deliver an impactful exercise?
Men who dare

to expose themselves and who are receptive to feedback from others grow as leaders and facilitators. The world needs more of these men.

Are you one of them?

Do you feel... is time to step up your game and bring everything to the table?
To stop holding back and start listening to what you really need to do?
To start leading and truly bringing your gift to the world?
Despite the mindfucks you have, despite the bears you see on the road and despite the flaws you think you have?

The world is in desperate need for men who dare to lean into their fear, who dare to lean into their edge in order to serve others. Let us help you find your edge and support you leaning into it!

Your Instructors

Hajee Pepping

your facilitator Hajee Pepping

Hajee has been the owner and founder of Mankracht since 2015. He is an experienced group facilitator through Mankracht, Maniphesto and in the corporate world.

His mission is to leave behind a trail of men`s groups. He is passionate about creating a safe container for his coaching and training programs which is direct, challenging and lovingly raw. He relies on his sensitive bullshit detectors to get straight to the core of things. With his down to earth approach and his strong sense of humour he supports you to be the best and most authentic version of yourself.

Hajee is a certified No More Mr Nice Guy coach, an ACT- therapist and a presentation coach. He has worked with 1000+ men in both group and individual sessions.

Tibbe de Raat

your facilitator Tibbe de Raat

Tibbe is an instructor and facilitator at Bosbeweging where he takes groups out into nature to teach primitive survival skill (making fire, building shelter and finding water).

For Tibbe, these skills are a means to strip away the comfort and distraction blocking you from giving your all. For the last two years facilitating survival courses has been his full time occupation, and he guided over 40+ groups of an average of 30 participants.

Before disappearing into the woods he worked several years developing interpersonal communication training-programs as a consultant for companies like ABN AMRO and Utrecht University. Participants describe Tibbe`s style of facilitating as present, authentic and humble.

What others say

about Hajee

your facilitator Hajee Pepping

Hajee Pepping is the gentle giant of men's work in Europe. I am privileged to know him as a transformative coach, heartfelt facilitator as well as a loyal colleague and friend.
He brings depth, authenticity and fun to any meeting. His great strength and charisma are tempered with humility and patience.
Hajee's long term commitment to mastery in his work and his own authentic vision makes him a man that you can always rely on for the long haul.

Paul Lloyd Robson, Founder of Maniphesto

about Tibbe

your facilitator Tibbe de Raat

Tibbe is a non-judgmental, empathetic and energetic facilitator. He creates a safe and friendly container for a group by setting clear boundaries and challenges participants to move out of their comfort zones. He creates moments of reflection by asking the right questions.
He makes people feel safe and welcome by his way of being. By showing up in his vulnerability he creates an environment where people feel invited to share intimately.
You can feel his commitment towards the group and you can always turn to him. Tibbe certainly knows how to move the energy of a group

Rob K. - participant of a 7 day survival course

What will you learn?

Mankracht Facilitator training with Hajee
  • Being relaxed and authentic in front of a group.
  • How to deliver sexy / transformative / powerful / engaging / captivating content and exercises.
  • Get to know your strengths and limitations as a facilitator.
  • Tools and techniques for effective and honest communication in group settings.
  • To embody your masculine essence by creating more spaciousness within yourself.
  • To express more of your core essence in a group.

What can you expect?

Mankracht Facilitator training with Hajee

This is a practice-oriented training where "failure" is considered an essential step.

There will be plenty of room for practice, to ensure the theory and ideas you receive are thoroughly integrated . It is a journey of discovery of who you are as a man and as a facilitator. During this journey, you will be guided lovingly and honestly. Therefore you can expect it to be confronting and uncomfortable at times. As a participant you will learn both giving and receiving feedback. The intimate and interactive format of working in small groups makes this training personal, challenging and inspiring.

During the whole training you will be supported by an active buddy system and 1-on-1 support by the facilitators.

I want this...

Take me to the questionnaire

Practical info
Apply for the Mankracht Facilitator Training by filing out the questionnaire.
You will then be invited for a 20 minute intake session with one of the facilitators.

Mankracht Men`s Group Facilitator Training
 7 apr. 18:00 - 10 apr. 16:00

 `Le Manoir`, Rue des Prés 1, Ruelle Raclot 1
BE - 5540 Hastiere par Dela

Group size:
 Maximum number of participants is 12.

Price:  € 695,- (incl VAT)
That includes the training, food, board and lodging.
Payment in installments is possible.

COVID pointers

In order to keep this event as save as possible the following rules apply with respect to Covid:

  • All participants need to have a valid QR-code that proves you are either vaccinated, tested or recently recovered from Covid-19.
  • Prior to each weekend the particpants are asked to fill in a heath check.
  • At the beginning of each weekend, each participant is subjected to a self-test.
  • In case the training cannot take place on the planned dates due to Corona regulations, the training will be given on alternative dates.
  • If you as a participant need to cancel your participation (within 7 days before the start of the training) because you have Covid, you will be refunded 90% and you will receive a 10% discount on the next Facilitator training. In that case the participant is expected to deliver a positive testresult or a statement of a doctor. You can however transfer your spot to someone else (provided that he does a successful intake).
  • Mankracht aims to be flexible, considerate and cooperative in case of exceptions and unforeseen circumstances and expects a similar attitude from its participants.

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