Mankracht Intro Evening (English)

A glimpse into the supportive effects of brotherhood on your personal development, relationships and business. 

  • Are you the man who tends to avoid conflicts? 
  • Do you consider yourself to be a pleaser? 
  • Are you done with your macho behaviour? 
  • Is there a longing for deeper friendships?   
  • Are you looking for more self-confidence and decisiveness? 
  • Do you want to live more from authenticity and integrity? 
  • Do you want to deepen your ability to be present with all there is?

Then this Mankracht Intro evening is for you!

We’ll address the origins and characteristics of the so-called ineffective "Nice Guy", as well as provide tips and tools to develop a healthier, more assertive attitude towards life.

A short presentation of the 3-month Basic Training by Mankracht will also be provided.

You’ll interact with your trainer Hajee and a group of fellow men dedicated to their personal growth.

Why is this work important?

Pleasing behaviour can be a major obstacle in your relationships and professional life. The same goes for withholding or only telling part of your truth. It usually provides a short-term advantage, but later these (unconscious) strategies will inevitably bite you in your tail.

Fear of rejection, fear of failure and "not being OK the way you are" are usually the underlying negative beliefs.

In order to avoid these fears, men flee in the pleasing Nice Guy identity or in the tough "I know it all" Macho character. While the Nice Guy generally struggles with recognizing his masculine attributes, the Macho has a hard time embracing his feminine qualities.

Brotherhood and the power of community are of great help in the process of releasing these fear-driven identities. You get motivated when you're surrounded by men who support you, men who challenge you, and men who trust you.

Are you ready to take full responsibility for yourself?

Ready to engage the world with open heart while still connected with your balls?
Do you have the courage to pioneer the redefinition of masculinity for the 21st century?

Then join the next Mankracht Intro evening!

See the agenda for next dates and ticket link.

Single-ticket: € 15,- if you come alone
Double-ticket: € 20,- if you come with a friend

Coffee and tea is included.

Please note that this is a men-only evening and in English.

For questions, contact Hajee here or book a FREE 30-min intake session.


“The world is in desperate need of authentic men who have the courage to give their unique gift to the world. I am convinced that men need each other right now to shape masculinity in a new way. A masculinity that fits the 21st century.”
- Hajee Pepping, founder of Mankracht

"The training helped me build a solid foundation to improve myself."

- Davide Dispenza

"I can only give Hajee my highest recommendations as a personal growth coach. The sessions give me insight to myself and the conditioning driving my actions."
- Michael Sierra

"You will be held by someone who is not afraid to dive deep into unexplored territories with you. A mix of gentle and fierce compassion, humour and piercing insight."
- Joost Lekkerkerker

"This has been one to remember."
- Nick Wong

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