Mankracht Core Group

"Integration and Deepening"

Hosted on Maniphesto Core platform! 

Do you feel the need to continue the work with yourself after the Mankracht training or coaching?
Do you want to continue getting challenges, support and inspiration from men under professional facilitation?
Mankracht’s Hajee Pepping now personally facilitates a weekly online group that continues where the in-person training and coaching ends. This group enables you to integrate and deepen your practice of being a man. Every week you will be challenged to feel into your deepest essence as a man. What do you want to do in life? What is true for you? What do you want to radiate? And what legacy will you leave behind?

The group will be build on these three pillars:

  • Being with men
  • Being challenged by men
  • Sharing your pain with men 


The Process

You determine your vision and your focus. The group is there to challenge you,to sharpen your vision and to hold you accountable for your goals. The Mankracht Core Group is about practising and staying sharp for the real world. It is your masculine anchor in the week that fuels you with energy, commitment and connection. Practicing being your authentic self, will empower you to meet the world with the full force of your personal power and direction. In the Mankracht Core group we’ll be working on the following:

  • Being Authentic (being who you really are without hiding)
  • Integrity & Congruence (our words and deeds are consistent with our intentions)
  • Taking Full Responsibility (no blaming or pointing to others)
  • Openness (listening to others with your full presence)
  • Radical Honesty (“the trouble that comes from honesty is the best kind of trouble”)
  • Focus on Getting Things Done (being productive instead of busy)


The Outcome

The Mankracht Core group meets every Thursday at 7pm CET. In addition to the weekly online sessions you will have direct access to the Maniphesto Core network for support, challenges and connection. We will also work with an active buddy system. These are the potential take-aways for you when joining the Mankracht Core group:

  • Self Confidence. A strong increase in self-confidence.
  • Attractiveness. Men who enjoy the support of other men are far more attractive to women.
  • Challenge. Stay challenged in your process of becoming the man you want to be.
  • Accountability. It is a platform that supports you in defining and sticking to your daily routines.
  • Safety. Weekly "safe" place to show yourself.
  • Community. A network of like-minded motivated men.
  • Being. There is no better way than cultivating your masculinity by “being” with other men.


Time and Costs

The weekly sessions are on Thursday from 7pm till 8pm (CET).
The maximum number of participants is 10.

The costs are € 85,- per month or € 215,- per quarter.
Initially you need to commit to 3 months. After that your participation can be extended per month.

To join the Mankracht Core group you need to have completed the Mankracht Basic (ONLINE) and/or Advanced training or done a series of personal 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Hajee.

The Platform

The Maniphesto Core platform is used to facilitate the Mankracht Core group. That means that as a participant of the Mankracht Core group you also benefit from all other things Maniphesto Core has to offer, including a continually growing range of online training courses, an all hands Friday call (4pm-5pm CET)) and an active international community of like-minded men. The Friday calls cover a wide variety of related topics and they are a great way to get to know other men in this international network. 


When that sounds as irresistible to you as it does to me you can click here to sign up. Alternatively you can send me an email:

Still in doubt?
Mail or call me:

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"I have found Hajee to be honest and open. While he is direct with his comments and advice, he is always very encouraging and supportive. He holds himself accountable and delivers on his commitments and expects nothing less from others. He supports men “celebrating” their achievements without gloating but giving credit where credit is due – even to oneself.
Hajee is not pushy and overbearing but he is one of those “born leaders” who just naturally generates a feeling of respect in a very short space of time.
I would confidently recommend Hajee as a friend, a coach, a mentor, a leader and a trainer!"

Tony Robson (Programmer)


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