No More Mr Nice Guy ONLINE  Training

Getting It Started

This training is specifically designed for men that want to start their Nice Guy recovery with the support of other men, but either life remotely or have other restraints on availability. The main focus of this training lays on “Getting It Started”. A lot of men report that they recognise themselves in the book No More Mr Nice Guy and that they intent to do the provided exercises, but they can’t find the discipline or motivation to get it started. This low-level entry level provides a solid support system to get yourself started with your Mr Nice Guy recovery. Change of your Nice Guy behaviour can only start when you become aware of your patterns. Awareness on your Nice Guy patterns is exactly what this training offers you.  

The Training

During this intensive 6 weeks program you will be invited to take a closer look at your Nice Guy patterns and to start implement more serving alternatives. The process will be highly driven by brotherly support. You will not do this alone, since there will be 5 men doing this journey together with you. Every week you will work with a different theme complimented by corresponding exercises and practices. The themes for the course-weeks are:

1. Origins of the Nice Guy
2. Nice Guy patterns
3. Selfcare
4. Needs
5. Anger
6. Brotherhood

This is how it will look from a practical point of view:

  • We meet online every Monday evening from 20:00 till 22:00 using Zoom.
  • The training will be in English.
  • During the meeting Hajee will introduce the topic of the meeting.
  • You will receive homework assignments for the period in between sessions. This will vary from (short) daily practices to (longer) writing assignments.
  • Each session you will be invited to share your homework and to present the results of your assignments.
  • Of course there is always room for questions.
  • A buddy principal will be implemented to keep track of your progress and to make sure you commit to your tasks.
  • A secret Facebook group is used to enable contact with Hajee and the rest of the group.
  • During the 6 weeks of the training you can also apply for a 1-on-1 Skype session with Hajee to dive deeper in a certain subject or to receive more personal coaching aimed at your current process. This is included in the price.

The sessions are supervised by Hajee. Hajee has successfully completed the No More Mr Nice Guy coaching process with Dr Robert Glover and is now a certified No More Mr Nice Guy coach.

Costs and dates

Check the agenda for kickoff dates. 
Sessions will be from 20:00 till 22:30
Maximum number of participants is 6. 
Special introduction price: € 295,- (incl. Tax).

Before you sign up read this:

  • It is important to commit yourself to this process. Curiosity is not enough. There should be a decent amount of determination before you start this.
  • Be sure you can attend all the online meetings.
  • Have a good internet connection and a proper microphone/headset.
  • Be prepared to change the way you perceive yourself, the world and your relation to the world.

Are you ready?

You can sign up here or request for more information.